Each model is a fully automatic water conditioning system designed to:

  • Soften your home's water supply by reducing the amount of minerals containing calcium and magnesium
  • Filter unwanted sand, sediment, and pipe scale that can accumulate in your water home's water system
  • Improve your home's water clarity by removing minute clay particles and minerals
  • Reduce excess iron levels that can often cause staining in your home's sinks, tubs, and toilets as well as discolor or damage your laundry


Part # Description Price/Purchase
Q928A6 28,000 Grain Queen Fleck Series w/White Cap Contact us for details.
Q1040 Q1040 Queen Fleck Series Contact us for details.
Coconut Filtering Media Coconut Filtering Media Contact us for details.
Gravel Gravel Filter Media Contact us for details.
Green Sand Green Sand Filter Media Contact us for details.